There were many different types of vendors present at the 8th Annual Panhandle Earth Day Celebration, held on April 30th, 2016 at Morgan’s Grove Park in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. This article features Lilly Bauer of Moonrise Mehndi. She is a local artist who works with Henna as her medium. Lilly’s booth was set with Henna kits and different wares she decorated herself, including candles and t-shirts.

Nicholas: What got you into Henna?
Lilly: I was into tattoos and I was not old enough to get one.  My sister’s college roommate came from Nepal, and she taught me a lot about the cultural aspect of it and so I started buying the kits that I sell now.  I started doing it for friends and then I was doing it so frequently that I said to myself “maybe I can actually turn this into a business.” I started the business around four years ago.  So when it started I had my little case of stuff and my book of designs. I started expanding into candles and t shirts. 

Nicholas: So you decorate these all yourself?
Lilly: Yes, these are hand-painted.  

Nicholas: What is Henna made from?
Lilly: It’s a plant that grows in the Middle East, arid desert region.  I import the powder from the henna leaves and I mix it with lemon.  Henna likes hot weather.  The hotter the weather the better the stain.

Nicholas: How long does the Henna last?
Lilly: around two to three weeks depending on where it is. It stains the top layers of your skin. As your skin exfoliates; it fades. It lasts a lot longer on places you scrub less.

If you are interested in henna or receiving a design from Lilly Bauer, visit her Facebook page or contact her at


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