I attended the Almost Heaven Dinner, hosted by the Democrats of Jefferson County, WV. The event took place at the Clarion Hotel in Sherpherdstown, WV. I did not know what to expect as I had never been to an event such as this. There were over two hundred people in attendance, some having traveled from as far as Huntington and Charleston. After a rendition of Country Roads by Liz Roughner and the Pledge of Allegiance by Jean Taylor, dinner was served to those in attendance. The Masters of Ceremony was Sammi Brown for the night.

The Democrats held an award ceremony after the dinner.  Danny Staggers presented the Congressman Harley O’ Staggers Senior Award to Pete Dougherty for his commitment to the democratic party. Certificates of Achievement were presented to Terry Thorson, Sarah Orric, and Virginia “Ginny” Graf. These awards were presented by Tiffany and Cheryl Lawrence.

The first ever Mary Everhart Koonce Catalyst Award was given to Reva Mickey for her work in the Democratic party. This award was presented by Leigh Koonce and David Manthos.

After the award ceremony, Rod Snyder introduced Karen Finney, the keynote speaker.  Ms. Finny is an American political consultant and spokeswoman for the Clinton 2016 presidential campaign.  After the keynote speech, individual candidates for various offices were able to share their backgrounds and positions on important issues. I had the opportunity to hear from over 30 candidates running for office this year. Check out the rest of our playlists and videos from the Almost Heaven dinner to learn about the various state, county and judicial candidates.

The following playlist is an overview of the dinner and the keynote speech of Karen Finney:


The following playlist features the state candidates who were in attendance:


The following playlist features the county candidates who were in attendance:


The following playlist features the judicial candidates who were in attendance:


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