This past month The Engine Room hosted an art gallery event in downtown Hagerstown. The event was called “Pocket Market,” a gallery event where local artists were able to showcase and sell their creations to the public. The idea is similar to the way Berkeley Art Works operates. This event, however, took place as part of a Pop-up shop event in downtown. Pop-up shops are short duration events that borrow or rent space for limited time frames. The participation in these temporary shops was inclusive to many different types of artists. Meg Ryan is a West Virginian born and raised artist who was featured in the market.

What inspires you to do art?

I have to create no matter if it’s making jewelry, water colors or screen printing.  It’s an outlet for me; something I have to do. I am inspired by colors around me and in the environment.

Describe the different kinds of art that you do?

I make polymer-clay bead necklaces and earrings. I do water colors with pen and ink. I also do screen printing.

What inspires you to move towards selling the art?

I never really tried to sell it, so I figured I would get out and try even though it is nerve wracking. It’s something new and [my friend] Kristi asked me.

Why is art important to the community?

Art can be so different; it doesn’t define one thing. It gives people color and hope. There is no right or wrong to art, and I think everybody can do it. Art is a nice way to bring people together.

If you wanted people to know one thing about your art what would it be?

Oh gosh; I guess colorful and organic. Nature is pretty colorful.

Meg Ryan is a local artist who was born and raised in Morgan County. She graduated from Shepherd University and currently lives in Winchester. You can connect with Meg online at her website,, Instagram and Tumblr.

(Photo Credits: Nicholas Trietsch)

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