Create WV Gubernatotorial Roundtable

Charleston, W.Va.  – The Create West Virginia Gubernatorial Roundtable, to take place from 7 p.m. through 9 p.m. Tuesday, April 5, has been moved to the University of Charleston’s 962-seat Geary Auditorium, at 2300 MacCorkle Avenue, SE.

“It appears that many more people are interested in attending than we could accommodate at the first announced venue,” said Sarah Halstead, president of the Create West Virginia board of directors.  “The Geary Auditorium offers plenty of space and adjacent free parking.  It also makes it attractive for many young people attending the University of Charleston and other schools to attend.”
Candidates Booth Goodwin and Sen. Jeff Kessler will participate in person.  Senate President Bill Cole, Republican candidate for governor, and Jim Justice, also a candidate for the Democratic nomination, declined the invitation to attend in person, but have been invited to answer questions in writing that will be posed from various interest groups from all over the state.  All written questions and answers will be posted
“Create West Virginia is in the process now of gathering questions from many organizations across the state who focus on key areas such as energy, tourism, entrepreneurship, broadband, diversity, children/senior quality of life, natural resources, arts and culture, construction and design, planning, housing, transportation, water quality, job creation, public health and wellness, small business, research andeducation.  Individuals are invited to submit their questions, as well,” Halstead says.
Questions may be directed to info@createwv.orgThe deadline for submission is 5 p.m. Friday, March 12.
Create West Virginia has created “A Quick Start Guide to Innovation Economy” and an “Interviewer’s Guide” to formulating questions that will prompt answers from the candidates that yield insights into their processes and attitudes.  Both are available at under the tab, April 5 Roundtable.
“West Virginia is at a critical moment in its timeline, and it demands a new conversation,” Halstead says. “Our people need to carefully choose a leader who can effectively navigate change. How these candidates respond to the questions that West Virginians ask during this non-partisan event will be very important to voters who are tired of rhetoric, and status quo leadership. Many of the attendees relate to the trending #STRUGGLETOSTAY sentiment shared by many on social media. They know that the next governor of West Virginia must understand much more about Innovation Economics and what it takes to attract and retain the world’s new job creators. These are voters looking for dynamic leadership.”
Halstead urges all who are interested in attending to register online  Tickets are free, but registration allows Create West Virginia to communicate in advance with attendees.  Questions will be fielded from the live audience, as well as from social media attendees who are tuned in via live-streaming.
Create West Virginia, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, supports the development of creative communities, companies, and centers of learning that thrive in the global innovation economy through training, project development and management, and recruitment of creatives to build opportunity across the Mountain State.

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