Fall is starting to disappear with winter creeping its way into our lives. Many of the outdoor activities we enjoy will be postponed until the spring. More indoor activities, sheltered from the cold weather, will be in demand. There are a number of places in Martinsburg where community members and families can have a great time no matter what the weather outside. Take some time this winter to check out each of these places if you have not visited them. You may be surprised at what Martinsburg has to offer.


The Be-Hive is a non-profit family community center that focuses on inspiring parents to interact, connect, and learn with their children. The Be-Hive is located on North Queen Street near city hall. They cater to families with children ages 13 and under. The center offers numerous events and activities throughout the month and provides this space free of charge for children and their parents. Learn more about the Be-Hive at their website.  You can also connect with them on Facebook.

Pikeside Bowl

Pike Side Bowl Outside

Along Winchester Avenue is a local and family owned business that has been around for 64 years. In addition to bowling lanes, there is a small arcade, prize booth and concessions stand. Bowling can be a great source of exercise and fun for the family.  Learn more about Pikeside Bowl at their website.

Galaxy Skateland

Galaxy Skate Land

An unassuming warehouse sits at the end of North Third Street. Other than an electronic bulletin board,   there is little indication that this building houses a full size skating rink.  Galaxy Skateland is a large facility with a number of activities.  The skating rink is full size, and there is a three floor indoor play arena. Galaxy Skateland offers skate rentals and houses a concessions stand. Skating is a great exercise activity all year round, offering outlets for energy in the winter and on rainy days. Learn more about Galaxy Skateland at their website.

Flip Over Gymnastics

Lambert Park Gymnastics Center

Lambert Park, off Woodbury Avenue, houses an impressive complex with an outdoor pool, basketball courts and gymnastics complex.  Flip Over Gymnastics offers a multitude of classes and free gym access for the community. It is a massive complex with two foam pits and every gymnastic piece imaginable. Have fun flipping, somersaulting, and bouncing by yourself or with your family and friends.

Wonderment Puppet Theater

Wonderment Puppet Theatre

This colorful building located on 412 W. King Street is home to puppet shows on the weekends.  Weekday shows are available for groups larger than twenty. Puppet shows help spark the imagination of children and adults. Learn more about Wonderment Puppet Theater at their website.

(Photos by Nicholas Trietsch)

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