That time of the year is fast approaching. Paying taxes can be a true chore. The more people, assets and money that we acquire, the more burdensome it becomes. Tax revenue is used to pay for infrastructure and services on a local, state and national level, but this does not keep many of us from grumbling about the amount we have to pay in taxes each year. I personally find it frustrating to pay for tax filing services. Although I recognize the need to financially support our infrastructures, every dollar counts when you live paycheck to paycheck.

Luckily, qualifying West Virginian’s have access to free tax preparation through the West Virginia Alliance for Sustainable Families. The alliance has shared information on where to find free tax assistance. They support the use of, a service for families whose annual income amounts to $62,000 or less per year. The partnership between the United Way and H&R Block allows people to file their taxes online for free. Since computer and internet access may not be available to everyone, local libraries are a valuable resource for those community members with limited access.

The alliance has also provided information on the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Their website provides the following information:

Earned income includes all taxable income gained from working. To qualify for the EITC, a person must work full or part-time and have earned income during the year. If married and filing jointly, at least one spouse must work and have earned income.

The EITC is a refundable federal income tax credit that provides millions of dollars in assistance to working individuals and families in West Virginia.

Taxpayers may also be eligible to claim the Family Tax Credit, the Low-Income Earned Income Exclusion, the Senior Citizen Tax Credit, or other deductions and credits that lower their West Virginia state tax liability. 

Filing our taxes does not need to be expensive or difficult. These services provide the very information and assistance that many people need. Visit to learn more about the many opportunities available to working West Virginians and their families.

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