Have you tried the Indian place? I find myself asking that question a lot and I get one of two answers: “yes, it’s awesome!” or “not yet, should I?” I am referring of course, to the Spice Connexion located at 796 Foxcroft Avenue. I tend to be a restaurant snob, not because I am a food critic, but because I see no point in buying food I can make myself.  I find myself at the Spice Connexion about once per week, either for dinner with my other MiBurg team members or enjoying the lunch buffet with coworkers from my day job.

Upon entering the modestly sized restaurant, standard Indian artwork is displayed with the exception of one wall. This wall boasts an amazing mural hand painted by a local artist. If you look closely to the town on the left, you will find a Miniscule O’Hurleys General Store tucked away on a hill. Once when enjoying some Chicken Malavaar with a friend very near closing time, we were honored by a visit from Chef Rawat, in which he explained the significance of the mural to us. The scene is a view from his childhood home in India, he and his father can be see working the fields with oxen with the jungle and a temple in the background. Beside the entry is another mural of a tiger, which he explained signifies his childhood friend!

As far as the food, I have yet to find something I did not enjoy to the fullest. All dishes taste freshly prepared and expertly seasoned. The variety of spices are displayed on the front counter, as well as a wall hanging which explains the benefits of many of them. If you visit for

day-Sunday, you may choose to sample the buffet. Chicken Tikka Masala, veggie fritters and fresh naan are staples, and the other fare changes daily. Vegan dishes are notated with the letter “V” and there is always something for everyone. While perfectly seasoned, buffet dishes are generally not overly spicy or hot, in order to appeal to the diverse pallets visiting the establishment. If you choose to order, you can select the spice level.

The service is always pleasant. Even when rushing to bus tables or deliver mango lassi, soda or water to diners, the staff always takes the time to answer questions and greet regulars by name. The chef often comes to fill the buffet and offers a smile to all of his customers, sincerely thanking them for coming. I have often found that food only tastes its best when it is prepared with love, and Chef Rawat honors his culture and his hospitality in every dish.

The website for the restaurant is clean and functional.  There is even an option to order menu item online.  Each menu item has a high quality picture of the dish.  They have many social media platforms with recent updates.

If you cannot answer “Yes! It’s Awesome!” to the question “Have you tried the Indian Place?”, make it a point to visit in the near future!

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