I am not gay. I am not transgender. I am not a member of the LGBTQ community. However, because I am an ally, I attended the Panhandle Pride event on July 9th at Morgan’s Grove Park.

I am not upset by the lack of “Straight Pride,” and I do not believe we need a flag for such things. What would that even look like? I do not espouse my pride for being white or a homeowner, and I believe the “Meninist” movement is absurd.

Why I Support Pride

We need to collectively check our privilege and be thankful that we do not have to fight for our rights. I recognize the women before me who fought for basic rights. In some countries, women still lack the same rights we take for granted. Although women in America still face opposition in legislation, employment and other matters, it is not a story for today. Instead, I recognize there are no whispers about my heterosexual lifestyle. No one believes my nuclear family is an abomination or unnatural. I did not get taunted in high school because I might be *whisper* straight.

  • I support Pride because people I care about are still afraid to publicly profess their love, even to family members.
  • I support Pride because I have a high school friend who “came out” in his 30’s.
  • I support Pride because terms like “come out” are even necessary.
  • I support Pride because people should be able to use the restroom in peace and safety, without having their motives questioned.
  • I support Pride because I have never faced discrimination based on who I love.
  • Each day that I do not have to worry that I will be fired, taunted, physically harmed or killed because of my innate characteristics is “my day.

I will continue to support Pride until it is no longer necessary to have Pride.

If you are an ally of the LGBTQ community, I hope to see you at future Pride events. Even if you disagree, I hope to see you there one day. Experience the sense of love and community extended to all, especially those marginalized by society on a daily basis. See a community mourn the loss of their brothers and sisters and celebrate the life and accomplishments of the entire movement. Be part of the collective outpouring of love and Pride.

Photos: A. King

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