The Jefferson Magistrate Court Meet the Candidates Morning 2016 was held at the Shepherdstown Train Station on March 19th. The Jefferson County Democratic Association sponsored and organized the event. Candidates for Jefferson County Magistrate, Family Court, and Circuit Court were in attendance.  Each Candidate was given approximately two minutes to speak to a crowd of voters and community members interested in learning more. Some candidates were unable to attend, and instead sent a representative, who was only permitted to speak about the candidate’s background and educational history.  There was a great turn out of forty to fifty individuals with standing room only at the beginning of the event.  Miburg was on hand, taking pictures and audio so that their messages could be shared with a wider audience of community members.

Vera Mickey delivered information and stressed the importance of asking for the correct ballot at a polling location.  If you are registered as an independent or non party affiliated voter, you will be able to ask for a ballot from either the Democratic Party or Republican Party for an opportunity to vote for the candidates available to those specific parties.  If you are an independent or non-affiliated voter and do not ask for either of these ballots, you will not have the opportunity to vote for specific party candidates.  Vera made it very clear that the voting assistants are not permitted to ask or advise a voter about this option as it could be perceived as an attempt to sway or influence a person’s vote.

Gail Boober shared updates on the House Bill 2010. This bill recently set into law that all judicial elections are to occur on a non-partisan basis during the primary election.  There are also changes to how the elections take place.  Previously, the top five vote getters in each race were declared the winners of the election, where as now the candidates are placed in divisions with an incumbent up for re-election and the challengers, and the top vote getter in each division is declared the winner, regardless of the number of votes in comparison with other divisions.  Learn more information from this document released by the  West Virginia Secretary of State Elections Division.

According to the West Virginia Courts website, There are Magistrates in each of the Fifty Five Counties. There are at least two magistrates in every county, and ten in the largest county. Magistrate candidates serve for four-year terms.

In the following videos, you will hear from the Jefferson County Magistrate candidates that were in attendance:


Magistrate in Division One with the incumbent Gail Boober and the challenger Ginny Harrison.

Magistrate in Division Two with the incumbent Bill Senseney and the challenger Ron Rossi.

Magistrate in Division Three with the incumbent Mary Ann Rissler and the challenger Arthur “Skip” Cridler.

Share this page with your friends and family to help them make an informed decision at the voting booth on May 10, 2016.  Early voting started April 27th so now is a great time to vote as well! Contact your county’s Voter Registration Office for details on registration, polling locations and early voting.

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