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Martinsburg Renew will host an Art Auction at historic Boydville this Saturday, July 23rd. The organization hopes to raise money and begin work on a major project in Downtown Martinsburg. If you have never heard of Martinsburg Renew, please take the time to learn more about this amazing group of people.Martinsburg Renew

“Enrich the community by enriching each individual.”

Martinsburg Renew is dedicated to this motto. Because their focus is community improvement, they to hope to tackle multiple issues. They recognize a need for drug rehabilitation opportunities, community space, positive role models and recreational activities for area youth.

You may remember reading about Andrew Garcia in the local paper. He’s a young man who publicly announced his dream to convert the Interwoven Mills into a community center. Because of the size and location, Garcia believes it’s perfect for Martinsburg Renew. The building is right in the heart of the town. Many residents either worked for The Interwoven Mills or had relatives who did. Since closing in 1976, the brick behemoth has stood quiet. Is there a better way to honor the structure and allow the community to flourish?

Help Martinsburg Renew

Sounds crazy, right? Well, with the Board of Directors of Martinsburg Renew, the project is moving forward. The Art Auction is the first of many family friendly fundraising events to help turn ideas into actions.

From the Martinsburg Renew website:

“Our first project is a major undertaking. We hope to raise enough money and grants to purchase the Interwoven Mills facility, which is located on the 600 block of W. King St. and extends south of W. John St., and establish a Community Center. We are currently seeking funds and grants to put toward the purchasing of the Mills as well as to hold community events.”


Interwoven Mills

It’s both beautiful and challenging that a community center cannot exist without the commitment and help from the community. This is where you come in. Please stop by Boydville on Saturday, July 23 between 6-9 PM. Enjoy the works donated by local artists and maybe go home with a piece or two. Enter the 50/50 raffle or take a chance on a door prize. Enjoy a snack from the local vendors. See what Martinsburg Renew is all about.

Connect with Martinsburg Renew on their website and Facebook page.

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