When we first launched Miburg, we had several goals in mind. We wanted to improve the cultural narrative of West Virginia and the Eastern Panhandle by featuring positive stories about the people who live and work here. We wanted to create a platform for community members to share their ideas about creating a better community, and we wanted to share the tools and resources that individuals could use to put those ideas into action.

A major goal for our first year was to launch a community calendar on the site to feature events, government meetings, festivals, shows and more in the area. Two common complaints have prevailed over the years, which we hope to address with the calendar. The first complaint and common misconception is that there is nothing to do. Since we have started work on the site, we have found that this could not be farther from the truth. There is always something happening in the three counties that make up the Eastern Panhandle. The second complaint is that information about local events is difficult to find. We agree and think this problem directly relates to the idea that there is nothing to do.

There is not one central location that provides an event list for the whole area. Shepherdstown does a great job with their community calendar, but it only includes events for their town. Charles Town has a community calendar and this website to keep visitors and locals informed. Berkeley Springs has this events page, geared towards tourism. A third party website, Eventbrite, occasionally has information about local events. Different venues have their own websites that may or may not have their own calendar of events. Facebook allows users to add events as well, which only provides event details to those in your network.

We believe that our community calendar can be the central location for events in the Eastern Panhandle because anyone can submit an event using our quick and easy to use submission form. Once an event has been submitted, it is reviewed and added to the calendar by a Miburg team member.  The form allows you to provide more than just the date, time and location. You can add an event photo, additional details and a link to your event website. By clicking on an individual event, users can access all of this information plus obtain directions to the event and even save the date in their digital calendar.

We are thrilled to be able to provide this to the community, and we hope that the launch of this calendar will help individuals, businesses, artists, musicians, community leaders, charity organizers, museums and more have a place to advertise their events. Please share this information with friends and family. Submit events that are missing or contact the organizer and ask them to add it. We have provided the calendar as a free community resource. With your help and support, it can truly be great.

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