Demian Nunez smiled as he picked up a specimen on the table and handed it to me. Inside, an alien creature. “This is a dragonfly, an Anisoptera,” said Demian.


Dragonfly Specimen

The Shepherd Environmental Organization (SEO) participated in the 8th Annual Eastern Panhandle Earth day Celebration on April 30th in Shepherdstown, WV. While most booths featured shared wares and skills, the SEO booth provided information on the local environment.

Members of the SEO

Demian rattled off the names of specimens on display.

“We have an assortment of macroinvertabrites here. We use them to assess stream health depending on the species you find and what quantities you find them. What really helps you determine stream health is the insect community. We have a lot of mayflies, three different families. They are the ones with three tails and the fluttering gills.”


Specimens on display

It came is no surprise that he is working on a dual major in Environmental Science and Biology at Shepherd University.

Kenzie Allen sat next to him. She gave information on sustainability efforts in the Potomac. Her enthusiasm about this field of study was easy to see. Kenzie is working towards an Environmental Science degree in Sustainability and is a president of the Shepherd Environmental Organization.

SEO and the Community

The Shepherd Environmental Organization is affiliated with Shepherd University. Their focus is community awareness and education about the local environment. They hosts many events, including community clean-ups and tree plantings. They also host an Earth Day Celebration on the Shepherd campus. SEO membership is diverse and not limited to university students. The group encourages community members to participate in the Shepherd Environmental Organization.

Meetings occur on Wednesdays at 2:00 pm in Snyder Hall Room 114 on The Shepherd University Campus.

Learn more about the Shepherd Environmental Organization through their Facebook page and website.

(Photo Credit: Nicholas Trietsch)

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