This year I am deciding to shop small. The holiday season is upon us, with consumerism is kicking into high gear. I have friends who are already sharing their photos of wrapped gifts on social media, ecstatic that they have completed their holiday shopping well before Thanksgiving.  Some of us are more inclined to shop later in the season, sometimes waiting until the last minute. Where do you shop to find that perfect gift for your loved ones? People often place their focus on large corporate shops and online venders. Because MiBurg is interested in cultivating community, we are asking you to consider shopping small.

Small Business Saturday is an advertising campaign that was created by the American Express Corporation in 2010. The campaign focuses on shopping at small businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Why should you consider shopping small?

When we support the small businesses in our area, we support our community and local economy. Our friends and relatives are the people who operate these businesses. Their livelihood depends on the revenue they receive, and our community infrastructure depends on the collected tax revenue.

Small businesses throughout the United States have dwindled away over the years. They have a difficult time competing with the “big box” chains that offer “rock bottom pricing.” The internet, with the ease and access of online shopping, has also created strong competition for brick and mortar companies. Small Business Saturday is one way we can help our downtown business districts.

Do you have a favorite local business?  Share their information in the comment section below!

(Photo Credits: Nicholas Trietsch)

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  1. LadyLazarus419

    The Shepherdstown Holiday Market is running every weekend until right before Christmas. Stop in at the Entler Hotel to find a bunch of local artisans selling their work.

    There is also a delightful shop next to the Lost Dog on German St in Shepherdstown that sells all kinds of beautiful jewelry, art, vintage & bohemian clothes, & things with snarky sayings on them. It’s a newer shop so I don’t think it has posted a name yet. Bonus: there is a small cat named Cleocatra running around as well.

    Good Natured LLC on S Raleigh St in Martinsburg has a cafe in the back and a store in the front, the store/market in the front has tons of handmade items for sale that would make great gifts, it also has a huge selection of teas, bulk spices, local foods etc.

    For the geeks in your life try shopping at Your Hobby Place (Monroe St, Martinsburg) or Beyond Comics in Shepherdstown – both have great table top gaming, comic and model selections.

    DeFluri’s Fine Chocolates on Queen St in Martinsburg is also a great local option for a sweet gift.

    O’Hurley’s General Store in Shepherdstown has tons of great knick knacks, salvaged hardware for old homes, local artwork – it’s absolutely worth taking the time to explore.

    Thinking about bringing some sweet treats to a holiday gathering? Visit Alisha at Pressed Flour ( on German St in Shepherdstown or Sweet Inspirations Bakery ( in Martinsburg.

    Pick up local art, all kinds of teas & coffees at Lost Dog in Shepherdstown .

    Go to King Street Coffee & Tobacco Emporim in Martinsburg for: cigars, pipe tobacco, tea, or coffee

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