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Our website,, is dedicated to cultivating community in Martinsburg, WV and the Eastern Panhandle. We are passionate about our home town and want to improve its quality of life while preserving the history that makes us unique. Our goal is to provide an accurate and honest portrayal of the people and events that affect our community. By featuring stories, ideas, tools and information, we hope to inspire our readers to help shape its future. is a platform for readers to share their unique experiences, stories and creative ideas for improving and celebrating our home town.  We love to have our readers contribute. If you’ve got a hobby, interest, or anything else related to the Martinsburg or the Eastern Panhandle that you’d like to share in the form of pictures, video or an article, just let us know. We can even help you get it cleaned up, so don’t worry about your writing ability or anything like that. Connect with us and help cultivate a unique, interesting, and thriving community.

Contributor Policy

As a potential contributor, we ask that you use the following guidelines:

1)  Your content should be in line with our mission statement.

2) We will not tolerate abusive language. This includes, but is not limited, to sexist, racist and homophobic comments.

3) We ask that if your content is exposing a negative aspect of our community, please offer a positive suggestion or call to action. It’s not enough to talk about the negative.  We need to offer solutions and a positive perspective.

4) Please cite your sources if applicable. Plagiarism is unacceptable.  If you need assistance, we are here to help!

5) We reserve the right to reject or edit submissions. We will work with you on all requested changes.

6) As with our comments, we will not allow personal attacks, name calling and trolling. However, we do encourage healthy discussion and even debate.

7) We reserve the right to request written consent from a parent or legal guardian for content submitted by anyone under the age of 18.

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