A few years ago, a pizza chain added chicken wings to their menu. The commercial asked pub trivia players, wing experts they called them, to taste test the wings. When I saw that commercial, I thought, “I want to do that: eat wings and play trivia.” Fast forward a bit, and that is what you will find me doing every Wednesday night.

Flagship Trivia, owned by Cliff and Shelly Kurt of Martinsburg, host several trivia games around the tri-state area. My game of choice is every Wednesday at 7:30pm at Les’ Station Grill. Going to Les’ is a great experience. Les is usually behind the bar, where he always greets me by name and knows exactly what I want to drink. It’s like having “Cheers” only half a mile from my apartment in downtown Martinsburg.

The trivia game goes until about 9:00pm. We play seven rounds that go from incredibly easy to very difficult, and the winning team earns a $25 gift certificate to Les’ Station Grill. As much as I love trivia, beer and greasy bar food, what I really love about Wednesday night is the community feel. We eat, we drink, we play trivia, and we all hang out together. We are people who otherwise might have never met: teachers, lawyers, people who work in the city, waiters from other restaurants, people whose lives are a mystery. We joke around. We talk about Martinsburg and local gossip. Sometimes Les sings. It’s fantastic.

Like many of us in the Panhandle, I work out of state. Hanging out in a small bar with my people, Martinsburg people, is such a refreshing break in the middle of the week. And winning free food by knowing some useless trivia isn’t too bad either. New teams are always welcome! We’d love to have you join the fun!

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